3-5-7-9 a.m. and other pictures of those days. (2015)

Book. 90 pgs.

I did this project in 2015 during february, march and april.

I was studing my last year of Fine Arts. I had one subject in wich we explored topics as art with the body, performance, artist books, visual poetry, mail art... One project was take one picture each day during 72 consecutive days and make a book with them. I cannot accept the premise of "make one picture each day" as a simple condition to work. I am not a constant person so the idea of meet this condition could be a challenge for me. Those days I was thinking and working with the concept of pleasure. Pleasant and unpleasant experiences. Could I get to enjoy everything? I was also working with intimacy and private as concept and art as document of life so I decided  take four picture each day during my sleeping hours.

During this project i slept in diferent places and I lived diferent experiences. I understand this project as a work of documentation. I knew that with my life style I will not probably wake up all the moments to take the pictures but it wasn`t a problem. 

The book have two covers and you can see it by Belén`s side or by Aragne´s side. In Belén`s side you see upside down the fails (when I couldn`t take a picture I used other picture of the day) and in Aragne´s side the pictures that I took at 3,5,7 and 9.

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