This work is an artistic transversal study that explore some social and cultural aspects of prostitution, work and afective and sexual interaction. I did it in first person, having real meetings with customers. 

I developed a procedure that subvert the rules of prostitution and market. I wanted to create a new kind of interaction in wich customers. construct the meaning of the dates

I provided services in a sexual working context using a pay-as-you-want methode. They also had to write me a hand-write letter just at the end of our meeting and then they gave me the money and the letter in an envelope.

I did this project in 2015, in Spain, where prostitution is not considered a job.

I published ads in a sex contact website in Madrid, Cuenca and Valencia.

I presented me as someone who enjoy having and giving pleasure. I offered BDSM services, longtime dates, a few role playing fantasies. I published my adverts with two pictures of my body in topless without showing my face. Appart from estigma, other problem that affects all sexworkers can be objetualization. 

Sex work is considered by some people as selling bodies. Adverts of sexworkers normally includes pictures, how are this pictures saw by customers? Are they mainly interested in sexworkers as bodies to be used or are they looking for a service?

There is a big estigma around this work. Prostitute is a word used to degrade and insult, It`s hard to accept for a lot of people, that this work can be done by free will. Lots of people think that sexworkers do it being exploited or because they "need money" as if other workers don`t!

I was a student without enough income to afford my studies abroad, so as many of my friends, I had a grant from the government. I hadn`t debts and I wasn`t in need of money, I could manage my situation with the grant and some money that my family gave me.

When they answered to me I sent them a text explaining the project.

Some men that were initially interested in have a meeting backed out when I told them that it was part of an artistic project. Some thought that was a joke, others that I could reveal their identity and some of them asked me if I wanted to have a meating for money out of the project. 

If they wanted to participate in the project and then they ask me about my economical situation I only said that I wasn`t in need of money. I wanted that they see me as independent woman offering this service into an art context.

I had some conversations trough e-mail and whatsapp with the potential customers interested in booking a date. All these documents are also part of the project. I also kept in the project conversations with potential costumers that finally decided not having a meeting.

Why is estigmatized have sex for money? Why is not estigmatized work for money?


This project was my first experience as sexworker.

I did it as final project in my Fine Arts studies.

I would like to tell you how I offer the service. (

It is part of an artistic project in wich I am working./

I would be grateful if you read this message and then you  tell me if you are interested in a meeting. You can ask me what you need.

This is a vocational work for me: I feel more confortable having dates with people in a context of intimacy. I am a kind person. I believe that all people are interesting, charming and atractive. I love to have contact with people and I think that I can provide them a good service, satisfaying their needs and giving them pleasure.

I think that a work is dignified when people is treated with respect and as human beings. I offer a service to costumer. I dont contemplate prostitution as sell your body. For me the point of this work is: to create an experience for the costumer, to offer a service in a private context using my body, to performe for a person.

I am a Fine Arts student and I want to develope a project with this experiences, showing the human side of prostitution.


I will need a letter.

At the end of our meeting you will write me a letter. You will tell me your feelings or that you want or consider appropiate. You will give me this letter into an envelope with the amount of money that you want to pay for the service.



I demand respect.

It is necesary use condom.

If there are any kind of practice that I am not willing to do I will tell you and you should respect it.


I compromise to preserve your anonimate. I will delete all the information like names, e-mail adress... of the documents that I decide to use. I can send you a copy of the documents that I will use in the project to have your aproval.

Thanks for your attention. If you are still interested or if you have questions, please contact me.


Born for sex...

Universitary, 24. I want to make some money by doing what I like the most. I love sex. I enjoy meeting people, sharing their pleasures and making their fantasies come true. Would you like to have me in your house a couple of days? If you want a dominatrix, a submissive, a daughter, a nymphomaniac slut, a pornochacha or a cultured and educated girl open and tolerant who wich have a nice time, contact me.

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