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Special experiences.

If you are an open minded submissive that get excited satisfying her Mistress' phantasies you will find this section really interesting...
I hope you worship me soon in one of them. 

Independent Mistress in Amsterdam.

1. Fit program for Pigs.

I am looking for lazy sluts that hate to do exercise. Are you this kind of pig that never find time to practise sport because you are always jerking off?

Maybe you should considerate join to my Fit Slut program. 

You can have 1 or 2 sessions each week.

When you join the program you wont be allowd to cum without my permission.

Appart from the session I will send you a message on whatsapp to check how it's going when I feel that I want to do it.

I ensure you that you will remember me feeling your muscules the day after. You also will be humilliated and excited during the exercise session and I will probably want to produce you some kind of extra pain...

Are you really ready for this?

Would you like to try one session?

If you have a CB it will be even funnier...

Service is provided though Skype.

Price per session according with my Skype rates.

2. Countryside training.

Hey urban pig! When whas the last time that you went to the countryside? Have you ever been naked there?

I bet that you look more pathetic there than indoors.

You will worship my natural body and attitude. You will make a beautiful branch of nettles for your favourite Mistress. And I will be so grateful that maybe I want to use it to pet your body.

You will learn about edible plants, you will learn about plants that make you feel for me. 
You will finish cover by mud. You are a pig, don't forget it. Your place is being dirty in nature under my feet.
Get out of your luxury hotel room now and contact me. I will put you in your place...


You should afford our travel to the countryside.

Time of travel is free of charge.

3. Worship your furry Mistress.

I am a cat Mistress resting in a confortable nest that I made with bedclothes. 

I am the most kitten person that you never saw. You get fascinated by my cat presence and elegance.

You need badly to worship me. You need to pet my body and feel how I squirm in pleasure. 

If I want you to stop touching me I will notify you with a snort. If you continue I could bite you or scratch you. I am sure that you don't want this...

I also will take a rest of my resting and do some exercise exploring the space and playing there.

You can make me happier feeding me. In spite of being a cat I am crazy about fresh fruits.

Soft hairy characterization available for 50e. extra.

Apply for a meeting.

Be respectful and don't disturb me for nothing. 

Doesn't matter if you have experience or not as submissive, if you really want to try I will be glad to help you to discover your submissive side.