We are all independent adult workers setting our conditions to work and have fun in Senstopia.

Senstopia is a company in wich people work in a BDSM context. I am the Mistress CEO of the project and my workers are submissives or switch.

We fill a kind of BDSM contract in wich we specificy how much time are we going to dedicate to the project, wich kind of works are we going to do and our sexual limits and practices that we want to do or we are curious about. Both of us can change terms in the contract at any moment.

I decided to create Senstopia to fulfill my phantasy of become the CEO of an ethic and playful company. I am a sexworker, my job is not socially recognized as real work. There is a lot of stigma around sexwork and there are a lots of myths and protocols around work. I don`t like salaried work with work conditions fixed by one side, I find it quite abusive! I think that we are able to explore other ways of work more confortable for us and less harmful for the environement. My main objective with this project is create a work environement in wich I can work happily with motivated people developping all my skills and letting them explore their passions that they are not exploring in their conventional work.

Why we should separate our sexual life from our work? What about the structures of power that we accept at work?

Senstopia aims to become an independent comunity of workers located in a natural space in wich we work selfsustanaiblity growing our own food, creating erotic and sexual culture to share with the world, and having people visiting our land for workshops in wich conect with themselves, other people and the nature.

Work interview with Liebre de Julio Wonderful.

We have 3 videos in posproduction becoming ready to be watched!

Aragnelén Wonderful Cat   Mistress CEO

Liebre de Julio Wonderful  Graphic design and Illustrator

Vladimir Wonderful Cat       Motivator

Último Wonderful Cat          Administrative (on sick leave)

Inner Dog Wonderful           Music 

Our team is slowly growing!

We are looking for volunteers that want to explore desires and develope skills outside of their conventional work environment.

Would you like to be part of it?

We are looking for open minded people with ethic and ecologic values and a bunch of fetishes to explore!

Join Senstopia!

Fullfilling Vlad Wonderful`s fantasy of being a warehouse.

Spicy and play session. Activity organized by HR department.

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