Independent hairy Mistress and escort in Barcelona and Europe

I am hairy, nice and natural
Do you like my hair?
I enjoy producing you pain.
Oh, poor baby...
My feet are big and sexy.
I love pleasure
Always in your mind.


I have a genuine passion for this work. I feel that I am doing a good job while I am knowing and loving people.

I love to explore fetishes with my customers, I love to have conections and intimate moments. 

I am living in Barcelona offering services as:

Girlfriend experience

Let`s have a lot of fun!

A natural meeting with lots of hugs and kisses. We can speak about everything, will have a great time together with lots of laughs and we can play tickle, give us massages and much more!

Tantric experience

A connection with the essence!

(We need at least 2 hours for this service.)

This experience starts with a full body massage and breathing exercises. In this experiences we will connect through our senses and breathing and have a long and deep relaxing experience.



Mistress session

Worship your wonderful Cat goddess!

Adore my body, let me punish you, be under my control, be my toy, your pleasure will be my pleasure.

I am a sweet sadistic Mistress. I love to explore the limits of my submissives while I give them love to make the experience bittersweet.

(If you want to book this service tell me:

- your fetishes,

- your limits and

- what you think you might like but have not yet done as submissive.

Session with me as submissive

Use me, humilliate me, make me cry and scream of pleasure!


I am switch, this means that I love to play BDSM as Dominatrix and as submissive. 

I am a masochist. I feel pain as a sensation that in the right context and intensity can produce a lot of pleasure to me.

I also can enjoy humilliation but I have to build a story and get into the role.

If you want to dominate me tell me wich practices would you like to do as Dom, and give me as much information about your domination phantasy.


I also offer sessions as switch. This means that we can experiment both the role of Dom and Sub in the same session.

It is possible have a meeting with a combination of my services.

I understand sexuality as a field of exploration and creation. I wont be scared or prejudge you because of your fetishes so do not be afraid of tell me what you would like to do. :D

I only do safe sex and I have some phobias related with sexuality, here you can see which services I do not do.

What I do NOT accept:

- I do not do oral sex or genital contact without condom.

- I do not accept cum in mouth.

- Practices in wich we play with blood (exception: period fetish)

- I do not leave marks but nevertheless tell me if you want it, I could change my mind...

- Scat is a limit for me.

- I do not accept spitting in my mouth. 

(I have a phobia with that.)

- I do not accept slapping in my face.

(It is not good for my skin health.)

- I do not accept eyes bandage.

- I do not offer white party and I never take drugs while I am working. (A cup of coffee, a glass of wine, champaigne or a beer are exceptions.)

I prefer if my customers do not do drugs during my services but if you are taking something, please, tell me what it is and do it in front of me.


My rates

(This are my rates in Spain. My rates in other countries may be different.)

1 hour      200

2 hours   350

3 hours   500

Each hour + 100€


Have a drink + 1 hour service

90 min. 250

Invite me to the theater, an exhibition, a football match, a conference...

(Ask me before buy the tickets, please!)

+ 1 hour service

(Performance time + 1 hour service)


Invite me to have dinner + 1 hour service

3 hours 350

Skype sessions.


We can speak, masturbate.... ;)

2 min. minimum 5 minutes

1 hour session 100



Book a wonderful experience! :D

Important: I have been loosing too many time and energy with time wasters so now if you want me to answer your request, it is mandatory pay at least 20 euros in advance before our meeting.

You can do it using the option: Make it rain in my manyvids account: 

Clic here to go: 

With this 20 euros we can have 20 min. skype or telegram session to prepare our meeting, tell me when and we will schedule it! ;)

I hope that you understand that this will be help me to provide better service to real customers and don`t loose my time with timewasters. 

I am so grateful of real customers, you are supporting me.



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