Hairy girls rocks.

In 2014 I uploaded this picture in a #veet spanish contest called "Secretos de una femme fatale." After 2 days they removed my picture saying that it doesn't fit with their policy. I did this just after they publish some TV spots in wich woman that fit in the mainstream canon of beauty become men a little bit far away of the canon of beauty when someone discover that they didn't remove their hair. This spots were so disrespectful and harmful! Women also have hair. It's horrible try to create insecurities in girls and try to make them don't love their bodies as they are. It's really impressive how they stole our natural hairy appearance only to sell their products. It's horrible how women bodies have become transformed to look like something far away that it was. (Depilation, make up, high heels, breast implants...) All this transformations should be a choice for all, not only for women. We have to reapropiate the concept of beauty. It can't be in hands of multinationals. We have to take care about happiness, not about a fake idea of beauty. We don't need canons. We have to subvert the canons. WE NEED TO EXPLORE CONCEPTS OF BEAUTY IN PEACE WITH OUR BODIES AND MINDS. (Sorry for the mistakes ;)

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